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Overview : The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett

The solluna resort-The word Solluna depicts captivating beauty of the sun and moon being observed at the same time of the dusk. A striking blend of natures ecstasy and great luxury at the solluna resort is a flawlessly planned and built top resorts in Jim Corbett for plant and built top resort in Jim Corbett for the visitors needing to invest energy in the midst of peacefulness and serenity of wildlife and forest. The solluna resort in Jim Corbett is in magnificent and sumptuous valley of marchula which is 35 km away from Ramnagar railway station.

Splendid views of merchula valley and Ramganga river can be enjoyed from the solluna resort , a charming five star property in the fabulous valley of marchula.Its air conditioned cottages are well designed and special with BBQ facilities and outdoor pool with excursions to solluna waterfall are available.

Hotel Highlights

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The Solluna Resort
The Solluna Resort
The Solluna Resort
The Solluna Resort
The Solluna Resort
The Solluna Resort

Things to do at Solluna Resorts Jim Corbett National Park

  • Adventure: If you are a keen adventurer then you would not wish to leave the Jim Corbett National park any phone the solluna resort in Jim Corbett offers numerous adventure opportunities to the enthusiasm the reply indent in landscape of the Jim Corbett makes it a superb destination for escapade lovers.Corbett offers numerous activities such as trekking, mountain climbing,natural river crossing, flying fox, monkey crawling and Burma bridge etc.
  • River side lawn camping: for a fresh change a comment see the amazing brain and body benefits of a missile on camping in Solluna come with us to feel the inner peace and ultimate experience of riverside lawn camping without disturbing the natural habitat of Jim Corbett.we maintain all the safety measures and take full care of every visitor in order to give them a wonderful riverside lawn camping experience.
  • Village expedition /Nature’s Walk: nature's Walker a great way to keep your mind body and soul in sync. Concentrate your senses on every flower leaf for a rock and you will be shocked to see its positive impact on the inner you.Walking and towards can actually flush out the negativity and refresh your in a spirit and soothe the soul. Solluna is located between nature’s lab making it a must visit for can listen wholeheartedly to birds insects the fast moving when the earth beneath your foot and many more.
  • Evening Gypsy Drive: evening gypsy drive through the woods and grassland are never on a miss list of any visitor of solluna. Our vehicle is re-fitted and furnished for better experience and comfort.Enjoy the panoramic view of the reserve forest valley under the star studded sky and sparkling moonlight. The late evening drive around 15 km on the 121 National Highway will bring you closer to the voices of forests in the night and ensures an outrageous experience. Our local expert with his raw effortless knowledge will be very handy.
  • Manila Sight Seeing: Solluna will take you to a place from where you will be amazed to see unimaginable nature’s beauty. Its name is kept after Manila Devi, one can feel her divine presence through taking a sightseeing tour of Manila.saloon will take you to the heaven like place where you can absorb a sense of each and every element of nature.
  • Garjiya Devi Temple: garjiya Devi temple is one of the most calm and holy place near Jim Corbett one can instantly fees inner peace as soon as they reach the temple premises it is one of the most ancient temples which is named after “Mata garjiya Devi”. Situated beside river Kosi offering mesmerising panoramic view of mountains trees and a wonderful calmly flowing river.

ACCOMMODATION - Solluna Resorts Jim Corbett National Park

  • Presidential cottage / The Sight: is the most unique cottage which is situated at the highest point of the resort to offer and experience of being on the top which can return promise is the most magnificent view of the Sun the moon and ofcourse the river flowing.the huge luxurious cottage area with inbuilt bath tub right behind the comfort of the bed,presents an opportunity where one can save an exotic with beloved one can just enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and complete privacy of the cottage through Big glass windows.the romantic ambience illuminated with the mesmerizing dim lighting gives the honeymoon couples a chance to express their love in a better way and make them feel as the king and queen in the jungle.
  • Premier Cottage/the Sound: the uniqueness of the cottage lies in the huge water body housed in the cottage veranda giving a soothing sound of dripping water that can be controlled at the resident’s wish. The gentle sound of chirping birds in the set out every morning together with the relaxing sound of water flowing is a blessing to the tired City ears. The in housed beautiful structured small lawns allow complete privacy to the guests creating an opportunity for a sun bath or soaking in the rain with the loved ones. The cottage also includes a backyard sitout and bonfire evenings enjoyed with the dearest ones.
  • Deluxe Cottage/The Fragnance the uniqueness of this cottage lies in a walk through pond housed within a cottage with pebbles and flowers spread to enhance the sense of Aroma which is a treat even to the visual sensation. Working desk ,luxurious mattresses ,sit-outs and ductable air conditioning units,Amazon both cottages ,as well as in bath, 24/7 hot and cold water access, shower cubicle and jets of fresh spring water makes the stay in the cottage an unforgettable one.
  • Deluxe Cottage/The Touch:the uniqueness of the cottage lies in its Rock garden house in the natural water spring finished with pebbles where one can sit and touch to experience the variance in hardness of stones, chilled with the flowing spring water drop by drop.
  • Superior Cottage/The Calm: It is known for the walls as they are insulated in a way that keeps you warm in winter and makes it pleasant in summers.

This whole pandemic situation has taken a toll over our mind and soul. All of us are just waiting for the lockdown to get over and feeder wanderlust by planning a short we can get a way to nearby places and enjoy the three days of blissful freedom. Time is a constraint we cannot travel to a far away places bhajan Corbett is nearly 260 kilometres away from Delhi NCR and it can make us feel closer to the nature.escape from the cities hustle and bustle and Arjun the comfort of nature at Jim Corbett .come and enjoy at the Solluna resort.

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