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Overview : Aahana-The Corbett Wilderness

Regarded to be a highly rated uber- luxury resort, “Aahana- The Corbett Wilderness” spreads over a sprawling 11 acres at the southern edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand. Placed between the dense jungles of the reserve and a local farming village, “Aahana Resort Jim Corbett” provides traditional hospitality in a splendid setup. Because of the ecological initiatives taken up by “Aahana”, huge accolades have been earned! Because of the outstanding performance, Aahana has been voted in the exclusive list of Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Resorts in India consecutively for last five years ! This is a proof for the high quality services offered, and the ability to present memorable experiences in an organized manner for all the guests. The pride is our staff here who are the locals from the nearby villages offers outstanding hospitality 24x 7. “Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness” is a store for luxury experience, facing the Bijrani forest and catering ideal bird watching opportunities within the property due to the vibrant plantations spread across the resort. In continuation of our ongoing efforts to develop new and exciting experiences within the Corbett Landscape and reduce our carbon footprint, we offer myriad range of low impact and unique experiences which otherwise one wouldn’t normally do.

Hotel Highlights

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Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana Resorts Jim Corbett


The multi-cuisine restaurant “Dhilkala” has a throng of blended menu options which are produced fresh. Daily sourcing are done from the organic kitchen gardens, including milk from the on-site Gaushala. Families beam with laughter and children enjoy around in the huge hallways as families and friends enjoy a nutritious gourmet experience. Happy moments get captured and beautiful memories are created to cherish for a lifetime. Savor the wonders of health food with our continuously evolving wellness menu that caters to the rapidly fluctuating demands of the New Age Indian. Our Chefs use contemporary techniques with an imaginative combination of elements available locally to come up with mouth-watering delicacies that are nutritious, filling and heavenly! No matter what your dietary restrictions are, our Chefs can come up with the perfect recipe for your gastronomic delight. Diabetic options, Gluten Free options, Vegan and Saatvik vegetarian options; you name it and we can organize a wonderful menu for you and your family. We have brought almost 15% of the property grounds under organic farming, and have plans to incorporate more in the immediate future! Our Chefs can assure you pure and organic components in most menu items, and we are developing a 100% Organic Menu for your experience. We take your food seriously, understand that organic is the future and are geared up to offer memorable gourmet experiences for you. Our Chefs come from the local community up in the hills. In tandem with their culture, they rustle up some very authentic Kumauni dishes as part of our elaborate menus. These are in tune with the hardships faced by their community over the years, and complement their lives with the simplicity of preparation and complexity of wholesomeness.


At the Aahana Naturopathy Centre, a complete health package is provided to refresh and re-energize the body through a fusion of Ayurveda, Naturopathy Panchakarma and Yoga along with a multitude of relaxing therapies such as Western Spa Treatments, Music Therapy and Nature Cure. These time-tested holistic therapies not only guides you to preserve health and tackle diseases on a daily basis, but also reduces the ageing process and promotes sound sleep. Add to this the aesthetically pleasing environment of the jungles, the nutritious culinary delicacies that complement your personalized therapies, and the timeless space that creates a sense of wellness, beauty and indulgence at the same time. The Aahana Jim Corbett family welcomes you to come and join us for your very own customized naturopathy itinerary, and alter your life in style!


Aahana believes in providing a luxurious yet countryside feeling amidst the wilderness of Corbett Tiger Reserve, be it at our world class naturopathy and wellness center, or the specially organized wilderness excursions. A muster of eco-sensitive community engagements such as employing the villagers as staff, promoting local handicrafts, cleanliness drives, make our careful planned operations sustainable with minimal carbon emissions. Mr. Kamal Tripathi founded Aahana resort in the Jim Corbett National Park in India. The “Aahana Resort Jim Corbett national Park” has been highly welcomed by environmentalists for conservation, employing local people and making investments in recycling projects. It has also been found out that “Aahana” has one of India’s biggest sewage treatment plants. Sharing its boundary with the forest and with native vegetation the resort is like a green oasis. Sharing its boundary with the forest and with native vegetation the resort is like a green oasis. From a family of freedom fighters who always had the welfare of the country and community in their hearts.

Close to the Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the Bank of River Kosi

Forest Based Landscaping

Instrumental Live Music

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